Macworld: XtremeMac Luna wakes you up with style and sophistication

xtrememac luna

The XtremeMac booth has so many new products lined up on display at its huge floor booth at Macworld that it is hard to figure out what products to spend the most time on. On Tuesday, the new Luna iPod Alarm Clock Audio System is the winner. You have probably seen some nice iPod alarm clocks before, but it’s some of the smaller features that set this one apart from the rest. One of these features that stood out was that you can choose for the Luna to ramp up sound instead of just blasting music from the start. You can also choose how long or short you want it to ramp up for. Check back for updates as they keep rolling in! — Nik Gomez

XtremeMac Luna Alarm Clock Audio System [via XtremeMac]

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