Lokomat Automated Treadmill for rebuilding muscle strength


A stoke can disable someones life. Motor function gets dowgraded, coordination goes out the window, and muscle strength disappears along with the nerve strength. This swiss rehab system, the Lokomat, is a treadmill with robot-assisted lower extremities. Made by Hocoma, the Locomat has shown beneficial for post-stroke victims who have found weakening in their leg muscles. In a recent study, patients who used the Lokomat have shown higher muscle mass then a control group. The Lokomat is available in sizes for both adult and pediatric patients.

From Hocoma:

The Lokomat System utilizes high quality computer controlled motors (drives) which are integrated in the gait orthosis at each hip and knee joint. Force transducers at the joints accurately measure the interaction between the patient and the Lokomat. The drives are precisely synchronized with the speed of the treadmill. This sensitive system assures a precise match between the speed of the gait orthosis and the treadmill.

There’s no doubt that for now this treatment will be pretty expensive and exclusive to only a few rehab centers, but to give stroke victims another lease on life, is worth every sacrifice. — Andrew Dobrow

Locomat, an Automated Treadmill that Rebuilds Muscle after Stroke [Medgadget]

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