Logitech X-240 speakers have built-in (hickory dickory) dock

logitech x-240 speakers with dock

Computer stereo systems are an annoyance. They are never as good as you want them to be, they lack the ease of usability that we all strive to find, and most of the models on the open market are rehashed versions of stock speakers with a different skin. The Logitech X-240 might not be audiophile quality (in fact it’s similar to most other one step up from stock models), but the edition of a device dock is a cool incentive to choose the X-240 over other models. The dock can accomadate both the Apple iPod and the Microsoft Zune along with PDA’s and other mobile devices. To make sure that the dock fits properly, the X-240 comes with different sized trays to house your device of choice. The product description also flaunts its “convenient volume and power controls”, which most likely means it comes with an external knob, which really does shave off a few seconds of the volume altering process. The X-240 will be available in the US in April for $49.99, and in Europe in May. — Andrew Dobrow

Logitech  X-240 speakers  with built-in dock  [via Krunker]

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