Logic3 i-Station Traveler takes note out of iPod book

logic3 i-station traveller

The new i-Station Traveler made by Logic3 is one small boombox; one very small boombox. This new speaker set is perfect travel companion for all those mp3 players out there, especially the Nano. This is because Logic3 was sticking with its iPod love (i-Station?) and are coming out with colors that match the colors of iPod Nanos. These speakers also follow suit with the Nano in that they are absolutely tiny. However, if you couldn’t afford a Nano, have no worries because these speakers will work with many other mp3 players as well. These deliver 4 watts of power so all your friends can hear you when you walk around. You shouldn’t have a problem carrying the i-Station Traveler around because it’s only 156g. When they come out at the end of January, they will be priced around $25, which might be worth it if you like projecting your music on the move. The one other great thing is that they are battery-powered, so no wires for you to deal with. — Nick Rice

Logic3 i-Station Traveler [Gadget Candy]

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  1. Where can I buy the logic 3 ipod traveler station. Please let me know. I have one and love it and would like one for my daughter. Thank you! Alice Allen

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