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duke smarthouse

Loved the idea of college but hated the thought of living in dorms, or even worse, frat houses with their raging parties 24/7? Well if you did, you should work your butt off and try to get accepted to Duke University so you can live in the newly designed Smart House, funded by Home Depot. Starting in fall 2007, 10 Duke students will get to spend a semester living in this home filled to the brim with techie delights. The students are acting as guinea pigs with benefits, testing the technology that is included in the house.  This 6000 sq. ft. home was designed and filled with the projects of 220 students and cost $2.5 million. Every inch of the house was created with some purpose, from cement floors to absorb heat all day and release it all night, to smart toilets that check for nutrient levels and glucose concentrations (we all needed to know that). Catch the jump for more details.

More features include:

  • Personal identification system
  • Automated locks
  • Automated temperature control
  • Voice controls for lighting and entertainment components via house-wide microphone arrays
  • Cell-phone controlled laundry
  • Refridgerator inventory
  • Low maintenance vegetation
  • Rainwater collection
  • Solar panel for energy collection
  • Centrally routed electricity and plumbing
  • Active noise filtering
  • SQL- and PHP-based sensor platform


duke smarthouse

duke smarthouse

Nick Rice

Smart House [via Gadgetell]

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