Litter Robot looks like a NASA-built machine for kitty

Who wants to come home everyday to a stinky, disgusting, feces filled box of cat output? No one, that’s who. The Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box makes cat maintenance easy and almost enjoyable. Well, even MORE enjoyable. Using a special sifting process, the Litter Robot cleans up your kitties recycled meow mix after every use. A weight sensor activates when your cat steps into the box. Seven minutes later, giving your pussy ample time to lick and clean its cat, or just in case kitty is constipated, the machine then sifts through the stinky pebbles and deposits all the soiled clumps in a trash drawer.

The Litter Robot is also fine for multiple cat owners as the capacity is four cats per robot. But watch out, if a 5th cat were to use this box, the Litter Robot becomes angry. Now you’ll know where fluffy has gone off too. Available for $299. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. “…giving your pussy ample time to lick and clean its cat…”


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  3. what is require to make robot

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