Line Rider, internet craze, coming to Nintendo DS & Wii

line rider

Line Rider has wasted more man hours than anything thinkable. Just doing a simple youtube search for linerider gives you some pathetic attempts and some amazing accomplishments of line rider, all of which are wastes of people’s time. There is no doubt about that. Luckily, for all of us, Line Rider will soon be available for us to waste our time on the Nintendo DS and Wii. Just imagine dropping your mouse for a Wii Remote or your DS stylus, it just makes sense to port the game to these two consoles.

Speaking of Line Rider, the makes just released an update to the original game that allows for acceleration lines, erasing, and many other improvements. Not sure if these will make it to the DS and Wii, but it will be a game that flies off the shelves nonetheless. — Nik Gomez

Line Rider [via Gameworld]

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