Lifebag: For The Stunt Double In All Of Us


If Evel Knievel had known about something like this Lifebag, who knows how many more brain cells he’d have left. Made for those into extreme sports (and possibly for those little bus riding helmet wearers I use to make fun of in school), the Lifebag is manually deployed, much like a parachute, producing a 150-liter shield in less than three seconds after deployment. But much like the hipDisk, how can we possibly take something that looks so silly, so seriously?

Something like this could also work in an event of a disaster. If you knew a tornado was coming, you could throw this on, and the Lifebag might just give you a saving grace by protecting your head and providing a space for you to breathe (or possibly vomit) if you were covered by debris. The Lifebag will cost around $1,110 and won’t be available in he U.S. until December of 2008. — Andrew Dobrow

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