LG UP3Flat Chocolate MP3 Player to rival Shuffle

lg up3Don’t like the fact that Apple has us by the balls with iTunes, the iPod, and every other product they have? So much of what they make requires proprietary software. Break free from the Man with the LG UP3Flat Chocolate MP3 player. LG has figured out that the style of design created with the Chocolate phone is the rage nowadays and is running with it. This MP3 player is in the same style of the first generation iPod Shuffle, the candy bar with simple controls without a display. The battery life is rated at about ten hours, and it will be sold in three storage amounts of flash memory: 512MB, 1&2GB. It connects to your PC via USB, and one really smart design feature is that it has a retractable USB cord at the bottom of the player. Don’t forget your USB cable ever again. The two very simple up and down arrows perform different tasks and the little arrows above and below the main arrows signify which task is being performed. Yet another sleek gadget from LG, and it looks like it will sell well, as long as they keep everything as simple as it looks. — Nik Gomez

LG UP3Flat Chocolate MP3 Player [NewLaunches]

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