Let’s Understand How A Medical Alert System Can Save A Life


One thing that many do not know is that medical alert systems actually appeared during the eighties. While they always had a level of popularity, now that popularity is a lot higher. Statistics show that 1.8 million citizens in the US now own such a system, using it in order to get a lot of safety, which is necessary in so many situations. If you look online, you can find reviews for senior medial alert and the use of the device will keep growing. Why is that?

What is a medical alert system?

We are basically talking about a small base station that is plugged right into a home’s telephone line. At the press of a button or based on an activation system, a monitoring center will be called. Alarm calls are initiated on these stations directly by pressing a button or by pushing one on an activator that is on the patient.

Medical alert systems are associated with a medical alert system. You register to it based on the location where you live and what is available. Numbers are called automatically and the system does have access to the patient’s disabilities and health conditions that would affect safety. At the same time, it is this center that determines if a public emergency exists. This basically means that when you activate the alert, the monitoring system will take the decision of calling the ambulance or whoever is better suited to take care of the problem that appeared.

What happens when an alert is activated?

This can vary from one medical alert operator to the next and from one device to another. However, the basis is always the same. A connection s established with an operator. He/she will ask some questions. If the patient can respond, the data received is used in order to make a quick decision that will take into account the wellbeing and safety of the individual making a call. The nominated responder can be called if this is the best decision, like a neighbor or a friend. If the best decision is calling an ambulance, this is what is done. If possible, the operator will stay with the patient until the person called arrives.

After a call is complete, base stations automatically hang up the call. When an emergency happened, the operator will then pass on a message to a friend or a family member to inform them what took place, together with an outcome. All actions that are taken and call reasons will be highlighted and recorded in a database. Whenever needed, the records are analyzed.


As you can easily notice, medical alert system can help to save a life because of the fact that people can actually receive help in a really short period of time if something bad happens. It is great for those that live alone since assistance cannot be available at times. You can easily take the necessary time to choose something that is great for you as a patient, which is guaranteed with a little patience.

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