Less Lamp: Poke More, See More

The Less Lamp is one of those gadgets that would appear to be great for anger management. Take that… and that! And…. AHHHH, I’M BLINDED! SCREW YOU LESS LAMP! OH, GOD, MY EYES!

An innovative design concept, the Less Lamp is a sealed lamp shade made of plaster. When you get it and unbox the Less Lamp, you’ll find that this pendant lighting fixture looks like a solid black hanging egg, letting exactly none of the light out into your room. In order to use, the lamp must be “broken” to release the light within.

Why? Why did I opt to live in darkness for three years of my life? Was it for the government money that no one is supposed to know about? Huh? TELL ME!

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  1. Woah that thing’s expensive… we could as well make one ourselves.

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