LEGO Ghostbusters: I’m Pretty Sure Rick Moranis Approves

Moranis has got to be a geek. Just look at those glasses, that grin, his hair, that tight buttocks… wait, I meant tight scrotum. NO NO, tight acting skills! Yes. Acting skills.

Aside from his affinity to inspire man crushes, Moranis has just GOT to be a fan of LEGOs. And these LEGO Ghostbusters pieces would definitly fall under “things fans of LEGOs enjoy.” Alex Schranz created a bunch of Ghostbuster-themed LEGO creations and posted them to Flickr for everyone to steal as their own… I mean enjoy. Included are the Ectomobile, Proton Pack, Ectogoogles, PKE meter, Ghost Trap, the Ghostbusters HQ and four of the Busters themselves.

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