Last Pic Standing: One Site, One Image That Anyone Can Change

An image speaks a thousand words. That’s the premise that this website thrives on. is a new breed of social interaction. Total silent anonymity. Well, except for your IP. But who identifies people by their IP anyway (shifty eyes). The site, at any one time, has one image. The catch is that anyone who visits can change that image to any other image they feel like uploading to the site, at least until the next guy comes and the process begins again.

As of now the image changes every few seconds, so while it’s possible to keep up if you refresh like a mad man, you’re likely to miss an image or two if you sit and contemplate. One of the first images I saw on was the one I posted above. It happens to be one of my favorite meme pics.


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  1. NSFW. All I’m gonna say. I sure hope I don’t get fired.

  2. Hey thanks for the little blurb 🙂

  3. My boss liked this so much he made me piss in a cup and sign a bunch of papers LOL

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