Laser Scissors: Always have neatly cut coupons


For some reason, some people (including me) have never learned how to master the art of cutting a straight line with scissors. Hand eye co-ordination has a way of deluding us the pleasure of a crisp straight cut. This simple gadget makes our linear instabilities easier to refine using a laser which projects a straight line onto the paper you are cutting. Just let the laser be your guide.

Some people might look at these scissors and not see the point. But for those who have been plagued throughout their childhood with the embarrassment of a jagged paper cut out, the laser will be worth every penny. How many pennies will it cost? 2000 ($20). — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. But since the laser is attached to the scissors if you move them even a little bit the laser moves to so you could follow the laser exactly and still never get a straight line.

  2. I think the laser could be useful if you have a target for where you want the line to end. If you want to cut a straight line from point A to point B, it seems you would aim the laser at point B with the scissors starting a cut at point A. Then the laser shows you how to get from here to there. Whether someone can hold the laser steady enough while cutting for this to be useful is the question.

  3. @golamie As long as you keep the laser lined up with the path you’ve already cut, you should end up alright.

  4. I agree, having an older family member who seems to think they want one, this person has a tremmor from old age and I too think that the little shifts in their hand will cause them not to be able to produce a straight line.

  5. I’m right handed & apparently unlucky as well, because the radiation I received in 2007 for a tumor in my neck did indeed make it smaller (until last week’s PET scan I thought it had been destroyed) BUT left me with a painful right arm, a VERY painful and clumsy right hand. My point is I wonder if the scissors would allow me to cut with my right hand OR if I could learn to use them with my left hand.

    Any comments?

    Grandma Joan

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