LAN Extenders And Their Applications

If you’re something of a computer DIY’er, then you might find yourself in need of a LAN extender at some point.

What is a LAN Extender I hear you ask? First of all, if you’re asking then more than likely you should be having someone else construct your super computer empire. Second of all, hold on and we’ll tell you.

LAN Extender

A LAN extender is a piece of technology that is designed to extend the range of a network segment or ethernet. Our extender of choice can extend this range up to 6000m or 1968 feet with a 0-300 meter rate of up to 148M-90Mbps and a 1200 m rate of up to 15Mbps!

What Are the LAN extender applications ?

There are a number of situations in which a LAN extender can be a useful tool for extending the range of a network. One such example is a company which operates out of multiple buildings on a single campus. While the main building runs on the LAN, other buildings further away from the main building may be out of range of the network. Installing a LAN extender will extend the range of the main LAN to enable access from the once out of range building.

In any situation where a LAN does not cover enough range to offer access to the main network from all locations on the property, a LAN extender can prove useful.

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