Korg microSAMPLER: Take the Show on the Road


I’m Mixmaster GEARhead and I’m here to say, I use the microSAMPLER ev-ery-day. Not really, but I would if I could afford it! Specifically designed for taking your show on the road, the microSampler is a compact and portable sampling keyboard. And it’s made by Korg, so it’s gotta be good.

Grab samples from an in-line, the built-in gooseneck mic or even through the included iPhone / iPod dock. Samples can be attached to every key on the keyboard with helpful LEDs illuminating to show the sample’s status. But compact goodness doesn’t come cheap. 500 buckaroos and this bad boy can accompany you to your nephew’s bar mitzvah or at whatever event you’re planning to perform.

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  1. Hey there’s uhhh, no Ipod dock on this thing. Do a little research, and you’ll discover those are just “holders” for anything, might as well be donuts.

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