Kone Vacuum designed specifically for kone heads

dirt devil kone hand vacuumIt seems nowadays that every appliance is getting the same treatment as computers: every three months your computer is outdated. Yes this problem has even come to the vacuum with the Kone, the next step in vacuum design.  This vacuum steps out in a different direction with its design because, you guessed it, it’s shaped like a cone. The folks over at Dirt Devil created this vacuum with the help of Karim Rashid so that you could have it near you all the time; they say you can put this cordless piece of “artwork” anywhere in your house, they just fail to mention the part about your friends asking why the hell you have a cone in your living room. The cradle that the vacuum sits is has a soft-glow light so you can find it for those times in the middle of the night where you get the strange urge to vacuum. Dirt Devil took into account you might have different styles in each of your homes, so they came out with 6 different colors; now you have no excuse to show off this beauty in your home. At $50, the Kone Vacuum by Dirt Devil, with its 7.2 volt motor, might be a nice addition to your home if you like showing off your appliances; if not, stick to a normal vacuum like normal people. — Nick Rice

Dirt Devil KONE cordless hand vacuum  [via Crave]

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