Key and Keyring Combo is Suspiciously Simple and Effective


I’m hesitant to trust anything I could have invented myself. Why wasn’t this the clear conclusion from the beginning? What took so long to combine the key and the keyring into one compressed gadget?

Alright, Designer Scott Amron, what’s the catch here? Does it self-destruct? Does it give you AIDS? Will my first born die from the plague? I don’t trust you, Scott. Not one bit.

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  1. Well Andy
    If one casts one’s mind back to the dim darkies (years ago) this was an old concept. The old style keys actually did come this way. Those long single-barrelled solid keys that dangled from a matrons uniform in hospital wards, were ended off with loops. Sometimes clover leaf designed. they opened cupboards etc. Or locked up troubled folk in padded cells.

  2. Huh, guess they never caught on then. Here’s their chance.

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