KB-Dock allows you to throw away your iPod dock and flash card readers

atech kb-dock

More combination docks for everybody! Did you see those old patents that Apple had that depicted a type of keyboard that would allow you to plug your iPod directly into it, allowing the keyboard to work as a dock as well? If not, here’s the real life version as made by Atech which is called the KB-Dock. Not only does this keyboard allow you to connect your iPod, it also has a spot for flash media cards such as CompactFlash, SecureDigital, Memory Sticks, Microdrives and many more. Here’s a new thing, this keyboard (understandably) needs both a PS/2 port and a USB port. Why not just a USB? It would solve the problem of tangled wires. While this keyboard/dock is not an amazing work in terms of visual design, it gets the job done and lets you clear up desk space. Say goodbye to your docks and card readers! — Nik Gomez

Atech KB-Dock [via Electronista]

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