Jobs in the Criminal Justice Field


After you obtain a degree in criminology; you will probably start looking for jobs in the field. There are several jobs available to you. Some of the positions that you find might be in another county or state. You can find positions that are either in the city or the county with each having its own benefits and negative aspects. A school of criminology is a place to start if you are thinking about working in an environment that deals with public safety.

Police officers are normally in high demand no matter where you live. There are officer positions in busy cities that involve patrolling the streets to county workers who respond to calls from one end of the county to the other. The thing to keep in mind if you are thinking about working for a city is that you will only be working in the limits of that town. The county deputies will cover the outskirts of the city. A good bit of the job involves dealing with the public whether it’s educating them about crime and crime prevention or making arrests and responding to complaints.

A dispatcher plays a vital role in the criminal justice field. This is the first person someone will talk to when making an emergency call. You will be responsible for gathering all of the information about the situation and relaying it to the proper department so that help can be sent immediately. You are sometimes the lifeline that the caller needs in order to get through the emergency. There might be situations where you have to give instructions for CPR, or you might have to talk to someone while an intruder is in the house. You need to be able to remain as calm as possible so that the person on the end of the line remains calm. You will take calls ranging from shootings to medical emergencies that involve heart attacks as well as house fires and car thefts.

Another job that you might enjoy if you like working with a group of people is a correctional officer. You will write reports about the people who are in jail and maintain the safety off the inmates. Probation and parole officers have a similar job but they work with people on a one on one basis after the person has been released from jail or prison.

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