JLr7 watch takes 10 minutes to read

jlr7 watch

Want a watch that takes forever to actually figure out what it says? With today’s society forgetting how to read analog clocks, this watch is definitely something we do not need. The JLr7 displays the time by encoding it and allowing you to decode it though its eight rows of colored “L”s. No doubt, this watch looks awesome; it’s not scarry futuristic, it’s just sleek and smooth. Also a no doubt, you will throw it away after a day of people asking you: what is it, how do you read it, why do you have it, how’s my hair? (maybe not the last one…) The LJr7 only costs about $85, pretty cheap for a watch that looks this nice. So if you feel the need to tax your brain even more than you do, get this watch. More info on decryption after the jump.

jlr7 watch

jlr7 watch

jlr7 watch

Nik Gomez

JLr7 watch  [via Gizmodo]

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  1. You idiot. This watch is not for idiot people. It takes less than 2 seconds to tell the time, which is less than the time you need to bring out your mobile from your pocket. This watch did not come up for all.
    Thanks tokyoflash for such an innovative idea.

  2. littleRiver is a pompous ass

    Geeeooouuu! My name’s littleRiver and I’m a pretentious dick who pretends to understand dumb watches! Also; I have no balls.

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