iTWYF gloves for portable electronics control in the cold

itwyf i touch with your fingers

iTWYF, or I Touch With Your Fingers, is such a good idea we can’t believe it hasn’t been done already. The iTWYF is gloves that make controlling and navigating your portable electronics easier in the cold, for those times where only REO Speedwagon is the way to get your mind off the frigid temperatures, but without the frost bitten fingers. With the coldest of winter yet to come, and with many electronics in need of some sort of controlling, the iTWYF’s are too much of a good idea to ignore. The gloves themselves come equipped with 3 “stylus pen point-like” grasps which are made to be gentle on any surface (including LCD or Plasma touch-screens), yet supply an accurate method of button control. The thumb even has a velcro attached slot which can be used for when you need to answer your phone. Keep your hands warm and eat all of your vegetables so you can look forward to a happy and healthy winter.

itwyf i touch with your fingers

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Product Page [via MoCo Loco]

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