iSkin Keyboard Protector saves your Mac from crumbs and water

iskin keyboard protector

What would you do without a keyboard? It is possible to function only with a mouse; Windows does have a keyboard emulation software built in, but it is neither pretty or fun (forget productive). The keyboard is one of the essential parts of your computer, so why do we thrash them so? We eat at our desks and spill crumbs or even a bit of water every once in a while. What part of the computer recieves the most of your anger when yet another program decides that a ´┐ŻNot-Responding´┐Ż message sounds like fun? Your poor keyboard. The iSkin Keyboard Protector won’t help you if you happen to smash it with your fists, but it will protect it from your cracker crumbs and your water spills. The iSkin Keyboard Protector is make of high grade silicone just like so many other covers that iSkin produces. It is available for Macbook, Macbook Pro, Powerbook and Apple Keyboard; they are selling for about $25. Not too bad when you are considering your brand new Apple laptop you saved for months to be able to buy. — Nik Gomez

iSkin Keyboard Protector [via CrunchGear]

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