Is It Better To Buy Used Cars?

There are plenty of online resources when it comes to buying used cars (see for example here ) but the question remains whether it is better to buy used…

2013 Ford Escape

One of the biggest questions asked by prospective car buyers is whether it is better to buy a new or a used car. There continue to be proponents for both sides of the argument so rather than pick a side, we decided that today we would be diplomatic and highlight the positive and negative points to each option…

Buying a New Car

  • Less maintenance expenditure
  • The possibility of a warranty
  • That new car smell
  • Potential higher safety ratings and features
  • Ridiculous depreciation as soon as the car is driven off the lot
  • You can get a car that is made to order to your specifications
  • There is no chance that your new car has been abused by previous owners
  • The potential for higher fuel efficiency

Buying a Used Car

  • Budget friendly
  • An existing track record for the make, model and year of the car in question
  • Less depreciation than with a new vehicle
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Potentially lower insurance rates

Summer Maintenance Infographic

So what do you think? Are you a supporter of new cars or do you prefer to buy the older models?

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