iRecord what I want to in real-time


Why does everything that wants to be even closely related to Apple, inc. have to put an �i� at the beginning of the title of their product? It�s getting really annoying; maybe Apple should copyright the �i� trademark so they don�t get screwed over when they try to release something else with an �i� in front of it. The iRecord by Streaming   Networks does exactly what the title implies: it can record video and music in real-time to any USB mass storage device. With the H.264/AVC format, you get about 3 hours of recording time per GB, so now you can record all 3 LOTR with just 3 GB. If you are old school and want to record music, you can record MP3s with this as well, but who records in real-time these days anyways? The iRecord is set to sell for $200, which is just a tad high to be recording stuff with; you might as well just buy a video camera and film the TV if you�re so intent on recording something. — Nick Rice

iRecord  [via Crave]

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  1. Ahh you forgot that irecord also works as a TiVo for your iPod and cellphones AND it can record protected DVD’s and CD’s so you dont have to pay for iTunes anymore

  2. ooh those features make me we want the irecord just a little bit now.

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