iPhone Case Claims to be Wallet Killer


While Thomas Marriot is convinced that his Lightweight iPhone case will one day be the end of the wallet, I don’t see this case becoming a wallet killer. It just doesn’t offer enough space. Great, it can hold a credit card or two, but what about spare cash? What about the 10 receipts I have stuck in my wallet at any given time? Or my supermarket discount cards?

Sure, this is a handy tool, but let’s call it what it is; a convenient, lightweight case that has a credit card holder slot. Wallet killer? Not so much.


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  1. Not to mention the Phil Rizzuto keychain.

  2. If you are carrying more than a driver’s license and debit card, you are carrying too much.

    You can use CardStar for iPhone to carry discount cards.

    You can take photos of receipts.

    Cash can go in your pocket, if necessary.

  3. Surely this is a handy tool !…I don’t think it is a ‘wallet killer’…

  4. Wow! very cool concept and it’s very convenient.

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