iPhone 5 Rumored to Have 4-Inch Screen

In terms of smartphone design, the iPhone has always had what would be considered to be a smaller screen at 3.5 inches. While this has obviously not been a problem for Apple in terms of sales appeal, people looking for larger displays were more or less forced to use either an Android or Windows Phone device. For those of you who are waiting for Apple to adopt a larger screen before jumping on board, your wait could soon be over.

According to reports out of Taiwan, where many of Apple’s products have components manufactured, Apple has shown interest in increasing the size of the iPhone’s display to four inches. This would put the iPhone in the same group of devices that include the Dell Venue Pro and the Galaxy S line from Samsung.

With other smartphone manufacturers like Sharp and Acer developing smartphones that include screens that range from 4.8-inches to 5.5-inches, it’s very possible that the iPhone 5’s four-inch display could still be seen as small. Or, depending on your personal preference, a 5.5-inch phone could be seen as oversized.

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