Integrate gadgets with Motorola Wearables Concept

motorola wearables concept

Motorola is currently working on integrating all of your portable gadgets into something that will be handy and cool-looking. They were taking into account the fact that it seems as if every device only holds one purpose, causing us to carrying many different devices: iPods, cell phones, digital camera, you name it. Right now Motorola is working on different accessories that will be able to sync with each other. These accessories include: eye-wear, ear buds, a digital camera, pen, wristband (WDA � Wearable Digital Assistant), and a handheld. Don�t worry about wires because these will all be connected via Bluetooth.

So far only certain features of the accessories have been released: voice-recognition, an 800 �600 display in the eye-wear, and the pen can write directly on the WDA. No one knows what exactly everything will do, but from the sounds of it, this looks to be a very promising endeavor for Motorola; everyone knows how much of a hassle carrying around 5 different devices can be. Plus, Motorola not only talks about making wearables have the most functionality, but also to make them very fashionable; you know the ladies love wristbands and sunglasses that can sync to each other. More pictures after the jump.

motorola wearables concept

motorola wearables concept

motorola wearables concept

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Motorola Wearables Concept [via Gadgetell]

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