Insanely Insane 49-Port USB Hub


Ever felt like plugging in nearly 50 USB humping dogs at once? Here is your chance!

This insane 49-port USB hub require its own standard ATX power supply in order to power all of these drives at once.

I don’t know what exactly you could use 49 USB ports for but I’m sure you could think of something. Suggestions?


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  1. 49 USB memory keys in a raid array?

    49 USB foam rocket launchers to show those punks in the office what an arms race really means? Heh…. Now I can’t get the image out of my head, a massive barrage of foam rockets… 3 per launcher, you could chain fire 147 rockets in seconds… Teehee!

  2. ui, 49 SSD-USB drives in raid !!!!!

  3. I need one for a class of 30+ students to use computer mice with microsoft’s mouse mischief program. Does it connect to a computer or is it just a charging station? How do I get one?

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