Infolinks Review: ‘Top Publisher Monetization Platform’


So you have been blogging for a long time and have still not managed to break even with how much you are spending to maintain your blog and how much you are getting in return. Well,stop beating yourself about what it is that you have to change on your blog. It’s time to evaluate what kind of ads you are putting up on the site!

Now the most common mistake that amateurs make is that they either go for some generic ad app, that generates the most common ads and displays them at your ad space, or they hire some fancy paid ad app that has promised a lot, but has delivered very little.

Many a times, we just hand over something which is as lucrative as an ad space to our blogging site, to probably the most uninspiring, ads there possibly are. Take some of the most famous sites that you visit, and make a note of their ad space. Not only can you relate to those ads, the space is well utilized and generates a sizable portion of their income. Sometimes generic ads just aren’t enough to connect to your readers.

What you need is a company that understands you, your product, your traffic and your reader. To answer this issue, we present to you Infolinks, an ad app that is a tool allowing you to generate revenue from relevant ads that connect to your content as well as your reader.

Unlike other companies that offer you ads, Infolinks is tailor made for a wide range of bloggers. So whether you are a cupcake recipe blogger, or a UFO hunter, you can find just the right kind of ads to attract a steady income. With relevant adverts, flashing on your site, it is highly likely for your readers to click on them, hence generating you an income.

If you are not very comfortable displaying the in your face ads to your readers, Infolinks may just be what you need. This California based company, has a unique way to advertising that caters to the needs of the advertiser as well as does not offend, in any way, the space of the blogger. Ditching the old school way of advertising, Infolinks offers a wide range of advertising banners that you can choose according to your need.

So you’d not have to settle for what the advertiser offers you, but can now dictate how you want your ads to appear on your site. Sounds good, but usually getting started with these apps, is where the battle begins. But this is where Infolinks stands apart from the crowd as well. Getting started is as easy as signing up, yes that’s it. With over 120,000 publishers in over 128 countries, Infolinks can definitely deliver you the right kind of advertising.


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  1. Hey, buddy that was a really good post on Infolinks. I just hope that banners do not frustrate my readers because I am unable to understand the features and solutions that it provides. Let’s see how much cash I make.

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