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Hello? This Is Second Life Calling

If you spend most of your time in a alternative world, you might as well start integrating your real life right into it. Online virtual world Second Life is looking to roll-out a system that would allow you to receive real life phone calls in the Second Life game. Second Life developer Linden Lab has created a way for online ...

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Nokia n800 running Second Life

Those of you into hacking your mobile devices will be pretty amazed by this. Second Life resident Wrestling Hulka has hacked his Nokia n800 device to run a limited version of the Second Life platform. How limited is the software when running on a mobile device? Let’s put it this way. Hulka says that he can pretty much only IM ...

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AjaxLife brings Second Life to your web browser

If your real life has been bumming you out recently, you might be one of the millions of people who struts around Second Life to escape reality. And here’s some good news for people who don’t want to download the massive software needed to play. A UK teen has coded a web browser friendly version of the popular virtual world ...

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Playboy coming to Second Life

This is out of control. This widespread epidemic of large companies entering the virtual world of Second Life is just, simply, insane. How long can Second Life actually last? Playboy has announced their entry into the virtual world of Second Life. This announcement makes dirty perverts around the world, us included, very excited. What happens in the Grotto, stays in ...

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NBA takes on Second Life

Do you got game? Do you at least have Second Life? Great. Good news for you. The NBA has officially opened shop on the popular social virtual world. The NBA launched its presence in the virtual world of Second Life this morning, following an in-world press conference yesterday that featured NBA commissioner David Stern making the announcement. Built out by ...

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It’s raining Samsung phones in Second Life

As if you are not sick of Samsung’s propaganda in real life yet, the company is opening an island on the online virtual space Second Life to promote their phones. And since Samsung was trying to tell us how thin those phones they developed with Softbank were, they got this phone-raining effect on. If you would like to use these ...

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Sweden to make an Embassy for Second Life: Hasn’t this gone a bit far?

This whole Second Life phenomenon has just gotten completely out of hand. We have tried downloading Second Life multiple times, trying to fall in love with the software as much as the rest of the world seems to be doing. The reasoning behind this worldwide advertising deals and now international DIPLOMACY baffles our mind. Sweden has announced its plan to ...

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Is Google developing a competitor for Second Life?

What a wonder it would be to be able to have a social networking platform such as Second Life, mixed with the sketchings and locations of Google Earth. That’s exactly what is traveling through the rumor grapevine right now. A Googleized version of Second Life. The satellite imaging technology of Google Earth is rumored to be in development as a ...

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4 Gifts for the Tech-Loving Person in Your Life

Tech gift ideas

Looking for an expensive gift to buy the special tech-loving person in your life? Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration when it comes to the perfect gift. The problem with buying technology though is that the price tag can quickly exceed your budget if you’re not careful. Whether it’s freeing up monthly expenses by cutting the cable cord ...

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