I’m Sure This Will Make The Fanboys Happy


As Ryan suggested the other day, why not play beer pong to entertain a group of guests you’re having over? It’s a great way to keep the party alive and get drunk at the same time. Except now, some shitty game publisher is ruining the sport forever by publishing a game called Beer Pong for the Nintendo Wii.

Riddle me this, Wiimeister: How can playing virtual beer pong on a video game console be any fun? Before you even open your mouth to respond, let me remind you there is no beer to drink or get drunk with. I hope the company designing this title, JV Games, realizes just how bad they’re fucking up.

The game will most likely receive a “Mature” rating for promoting alcohol consumption and because you have to be 21 or older here in the US to drink. With the “Mature” rating, the game will only be sold to people old enough to drink and if you’re 18 and buying a beer pong video game, well that just makes you a douche.

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