If You’re Famous on Klout, You Get a Free Windows Phone

Ranking systems are certainly not a new feature for social networks. Remember “Top Friends” for Facebook? Well, Klout has managed to establish itself as a legitimate ranking system which measures the amount of influence and amplification you have online — mostly through Twitter. Microsoft has recognized the growing importance of Klout, which is why they’re giving influential Klout users a free Windows Phone.

Along with the free phone, select users will also get a VIP pass to an exclusive launch event in New York City.

Of course, there are conditions. In order to qualify, you have to have a Klout score over 55. You also have to live in NYC, and be influential (according to Klout) in the topic of “technology”.

Since it’s so easy to change your zip code on Klout, what’s to stop people from simply changing their information in order to be eligible for the perk?


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