I-O Data TV Tuners perfect for upcoming Vista release

io tv tuner cards

Are you one of the few eagerly looking forward to the release of Vista next month? Now, you can’t be running unverified hardware on the brand new machine you bought with the free Vista upgrade, can you? I-O Data has solved the unverified hardware problem… at least on the TV tuner card front. Right now, their official Vista approved TV tuners includes an internal (for desktops) and an external (geared at laptop users). So why do you need a new TV tuner card? Because sitting on the couch in front of your new HDTV is horrible for productivity, that’s why. You need to be able to work on your Word 2007 document, edit your presentation for work on Powerpoint 2007, and watch your favorite show all at once.   The main difference between the two is that the internal card supports a coaxial input, while the external lacks this capability. Right now, you will pay $105 for the internal version and $123 for the external version (casing costs $$$). — Nik Gomez

I-O Data Vista Approved TV Tuners [I4U News]

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