I Lol’d: The Internet Meme T-Shirt

As Internet memes continue their spread into the media the meme culture becomes a bigger part of mainstream culture. At this point, even your grandmother knows what LOLCats are. Stardamsel created the “I Lol, Therefore I Am” t-shirt for those of us who live and breath Internet culture, using a combination of 4-chan charm and mash-up meme madness.

The list of memes smashed together in this shirt is pretty exhaustive, but here it is (big breath): Long Cat as Ceiling Cat/Basement Cat, Lime Helmet Cat, Pancake Bunny, Hamster Dance, Double Rainbow, Pedobear, Hypnotoad, Lol-face, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Nannerpuss, Raptor Jesus, Standing Cat, Lolrus, Oragutan Mating Guide Cat, ORLY Owl, Sneezy Baby Panda, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Brian Peppers, Vader “Nooooo”, Amazing Horse, Keyboard Cat, Dramatic Chipmunk and Domo (pant, pant). Can you find them all?


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