“I Can Solve the Petaminx and You Can’t, Therefore I Rule” So Says Smug Rubik Nerds


Congratulations asshole. You can solve a Rubik’s Cube in negative .802934 seconds. Now go choke or something. And by “or something” we of course mean you should move onto something a little more challenging so we can point and laugh at your frustration. The insanely and overly difficult Petaminx, created by Andrew Cormier, was designed using 975 individual parts and 1,212 stickers. The whole production process took around 75 hours, which happens to be the amount of time it’ll probably take you to solve the damn thing.

And sure enough, the whole creation process is documented, so if you were so inclined, and nerdy enough, you could create your very own Rubik’s-inspired puzzle of death. In fact, I think the word Petaminx is French for “don’t even fucking bother.”

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