HyMini Wind Powered Device Charger Puts The Green In Awesome


So, the HyMini might be much ado about nothing, but it’s still pretty impressive and potentially a great idea for green integration in the future. Dubbed as a “mini green hybrid power station”, you charge the HyMini up from a main. When you go out for a bike or car-ride, attach the little guy to your vehicle, and the wind turbines will trickle charge your device.

You can even add a solar panel on for more of a power managing effect. To move the turbines enough, you have to be traveling at least 9 mph, and 40 mph at the fastest, lest you break the chintzy gadget in half with pure velocity. Ports for most cameras, phones, and other mobile devices are available. Get yours for $49.99.


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  1. Yet another “green” gadget that solves nothing.
    I was psyched about getting one until I read the wind speed tolerances.
    I’m afraid this is useless, which I guess is okay, since our “global warming crisis” is fraudulent.

  2. I’m not so sure that these items solve nothing. They won’t lower carbon emissions by themselves. But, anything that gets people involved is a good thing. It’s a passive way of getting into the mindset of power saving on all sorts of things simply because people start to use renewable energy for something practical and personal. If we all wait for governments to get moving, we will wait too long.

    Keep the faith!

  3. @Chris It’s true, this device might not do anything that saves any sort of marginal energy usage, but whatever can get people accustomed to these sort of gadgets is beneficial. Well said.

  4. Devices like this are fantastic: for someone who commutes and has the hassle of charging their laptop, mp3 player, phone etc. on a regular basis employing my bicycle to do the job for me is much less hassle and means I never run out of power.

  5. never mind the hugely greater amount of energy you’re expending during said ride, and the extra drag you’re putting on the vehicle?
    this smacks slightly of fail and fad cash-in.

    the solar panel part is probably quite useful though.

    however, i do wonder how long it would take to earn it’s ~�35 purchase price back, when electricity costs about �0.10 per kWh … and a phone charger uses 10 watts, MAX. 35000 hours of charging. Or 4 continuous years. 8+ if you consider the realistic amount of usable sunlight available. Maybe less if you put it in a windy AND sunny spot and charge multiple devices.

  6. I think it’s a good way to start off being more green to our environment. In some way, it helps our planet, but hopefully these technology will get better and better 😀

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