Hummel 8.4 PIO FGX Football Boot, spiritually unique to your foot

hummel 8.4 pio fgx

Let’s face it. Sport’s has never been a forte of us geeks unless you’re talking about air hockey. What could we possibly do with a football boot? For one, we can admire its grasp of footwear technology. Hummel’s newest model of football gear, the 8.4 PIO FGX football boot, ┬áis a truly personalized fit. Using soft-foam technology, the shoe can be custom fit to any asshole jocks precious appendages, ensuring a comfortable fit made for high performance. But don’t worry, they won’t need shoes of this caliber when they are bagging your groceries and filling up your gas tanks. Revenge is a bitch, right? (Disclaimer: No jocks were hurt in the making of this article). — Andrew Dobrow

Hummel Homepage [via Core77]

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