Human Pac-Man Made Using Stop-Motion

I can’t decide rather I’d watch Pac-Man: The Movie or Pac-Man the stop-motion video, but both are intriguing. Using the power of stop-motion and fleshy, sweaty human bodies to create a pixel-by-pixel recreation of Pac-Man.

This stop-motion video was shot and played for the new ProHelvetia’s program GameCulture at the Trafo cinema (Baden, Switzerland) on August 28th 2010. The stop-motion film was played by 111 human “pixels” that moved from seat to seat over a period of more than 4 hours.

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  1. these videos (pac man, tetris, pong, etc) are awesome. My thoughts on them are here. you like pac man check out the video this swiss artist made, it�s pretty awesome.

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