HP Slashes Touchpad Tablet Prices to $99, Internet Goes Ballistic

It seems like only a week ago when tech enthusiasts were bashing HP’s newest tablet PC for not living up to the hype. Oh wait… that was only a week ago. Who could have predicted that this week, the HP Touchpad Tablet PC would be the hottest-selling (and hardest to find) gadget on the market?

Well, there’s one important detail. HP recently slashed the price of their 16GB Touchpad to $99. The 32GB model is $149.

Of course, this is because HP recently announced that they’re pulling out of the Tablet and PC markets. Instead, they’re going to focus on “business” services. As such it makes sense for them to offer tablets at discount prices to try and clear their inventory.

Either way, the dramatic price cut has incited a frenzy among consumers to get a piece of the “Fire Sale” tablets. Most popular retailers are already sold out, though a few tablets are still able to be found at smaller retailers. According to recent rumors, HP will be restocking their website with more of their Touchpad stock sometime this week.


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