HP Pavilion TX1000 Tablet PC to be released next month: Hasta La “Vista”, baby

hp pavilion tx1000 tablet pc

With the official release of Vista for public use looming ahead, so does the release of the HP Pavilion TX1000 notebook. Featuring a touch-sensitive 12.1 inch widescreen display, a built-in webcam (mmm…amateur porn), fingerprint biometric reader, and a removable DVD burner, among other equally gadgety gizmos, the TX1000 is one hot momma of a laptop. We happen to love the tablet swivel design of the monitor despite some critics viewing it as a sign of fragility. Just don’t get it if you plan on punching the display over and over again with a closed fist and you should be fine. — Andrew Dobrow

HP Pavilion TX1000 Tablet PC Coming Next Month [Laptoping]

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  1. My HP-Compaq TC4200 tablet is just coming up on its 3rd birthday, and despite a few knocks, both screen and hinge are doing juuuuuust fine. I wouldn’t worry about the strength – they build the cases pretty strong.

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