How To Remove Brown Discoloration From Your iPhone


Apple has had a tough last few weeks, all things considered. Flocks of irritated customers have been complaining about a brown discoloration of the white iPhone 3G S casing, originally thought to be the consequence of overheating.

As it turns out, new reports suggest that the discoloration is actually a reaction due to contact with third-party iPhone cases. More importantly to you, the coloring can easily be removed by rubbing your iPhone down with alcohol (beer app probably won’t do the trick). I personally have the black iPhone so I can’t try this out myself, but if you do, let us know how it works out for you.

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  1. I have a iPhone 3GS WHITE and i got a black leather case from ebay. had it on for about 3 weeks then took it out of the case to clean it and there was a 1 inch thick black streak going all the way down the back of the case. I tryed the magic eraser, soap everything i could think of. I then tryed VODKA rubbed it with a micro fiber cloth for about 45 min. ITS JUST LIKE BRAND NEW. IF ANYONE HAS AN ISSUE WITH THIS USE VODKA. doesent rub any of the writing off nothing my iPhone looks brand new and i threw out the crappy leather case

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