How to make a Music Video with Wondershare Filmora9?


Wondershare introduced for its users Filmora9 succeeding Filmora8 with new and better specifications that help them make and edit their music videos using the most advanced technology and directly upload them on every social platform. Filmora9 is an easy to use video making and editing software that can assist anyone and everyone in making their own music video without any help from the external software application. The easiness offered by Filmora9 makes it extremely adaptive for people having varied technical skills. 

Making a high-quality music video isn’t an easy task, and it requires top-notch software to support the basic elements of a music video. Such basic elements include video editing, music creation, editing etc. A poorly made music video lacks in the quality of any of the basic elements and Filmora9 has tried it best to provide a common platform for all the things that are essential to make a music video and deliver quality music videos for its users. It is a one-stop solution for music lovers who want to experiment with music and create attractive content for their viewers. 

Exclusive Features of Filmora9 for music creation

  1. Intuitive Interface
intuitive interface

The software is designed to provide a user-friendly interface where they can start working unescorted and without a set of instructions to follow. While working on Filmora9, the user gets the exact guidance they seek, and steps of instruction for creating or editing a music video is described in a chronological manner that assists the users throughout the process of creation of the video. 

  1. Audio Equalizer

Filmora9 serves its users the best audio equalizer technique for them to dominate the sound quality and structure of their video as per their choice.

  1. Flexible Audio and Video controls 
audio control

With the help of Filmora9 software, users now have the liberty to manage and control the video and audio standards as per their wish. The software comes with a number of control tools such as pitch, equalizer, video saturation, zooming options to choose from and customize each and every music video.

  1. Beat Detention 
beat detection

Filmora9 software is equipped with the technique to detect the beat of music scores automatically. Beat Detention technology used ensures speed and accuracy.

  1. Quite a number of audio and video background effects to choose from 
background effect

This software sorts the problem of creating the perfect audio and video background effect. It has tons of audio effects stored in it that are available for use by the users. 

Having said about these wonderful features of Filmora9, 

Here are the instructions to be followed for creating a music video with the help of the software:

Step 1:

In order to use Wondershare Filmora9, the users have to download and install the software on their computer. The programs support Windows and Mac operating systems and are designed differently top support both of them.

Step 2:

After installing the program, the users can open it and directly import the media files to the media library of Filmora9 for the program to start working on the media file. The users can name the media files and can also store multiple files at once. 

Step 3:

The actual work begins at step 3. The user can choose any video stored at the video library and can drag it to the interface with all the editing tools like colour adjustment, rotation, zoom, position, blur, blending etc. With the help of these tools, the users can edit, cut, and split the video as they want. The software additionally provides video effects to choose from, and the users can also utilize this feature in editing their video.

In this step, the video is reset and revamped as per the convenience of the user. Lastly, after the edits and effects are applied, the reset button must be clicked for the changes to be finally applied and after the changes are saved, the new video is placed on a timeline below the interface for alignment with the music. 

Step 4:

In the fourth step, the music file undergoes editing. The music file is to be selected from the computer and imported to the Filmora9 software program. In the next step, the user should click right on which a number of options like play, overwrite, insert, beat detection shall appear on the screen and the user must click on the option of Beat Detention for Filmora9 to detect the beats of the music file automatically. After the music file undergoes beat detention, it is ready to be used with the video and test the match and accuracy. 

Step 5:

In the fifth step, the transformed music file should be dragged to the timeline where the video file is kept to align with it. The audio file will appear below the video file on the timeline after this step is undertaken. 

Step 6:

In order to further adjust the audio, there are many options available exclusively to adjust it and achieve perfection in its quality. In order to do that the users can click right on the music on the audio track option available in the first interface between media and titles option. The user can then click on audio, and then select adjust the audio for mote advance options like fade in/ fade out, pitch, equalizer where you can adjust the bass, denoise- to remove background noise, volume adjustment etc. Users may choose any of these control tools to adjust the audio part of the music video until it is perfectly blended with the video file. It is very important for the users to immediately click on the reset button after they achieve the perfect sound to save the changes with the software. 

After this step, the users can check the quality of the audio and its alignment with the video and then save the changes. 

Step 7: 

In the final step, the edited video must be exported by the user in any suitable format. They must click the export option that can export the file with the computer device or directly upload it on YouTube. 

For more detail please check offcial website of Filmora9.

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