house box

Adam Kalkin has designed a unique and interesting house. The house itself is a rather ordinary two-story house, but what makes it interesting is that it’s completely surrounded by a large industrial shed. The shed was constructed around the house in 2001, and the interior was set up as an extended living space, with a variety of furniture, multiple levels, and a patio. Two large doors on the sides of the shed can slide open, enabling the inside of the shed to function as a crossed exterior/interior space if desired.

The shed also features one end wall made entirely of glass, and a house-shaped glass panel on one side. The overall effect is of a house on display as a historical or art piece in a museum or gallery. No word on how much this cost, but if you’re interested, Mr Kalkin is the man to ask.

 house box

Mike Payne

[via Apartment Therapy]

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