Hotrod Engine Table is Classier Than Previous Models


We’ve seen various other engine table designs strewn across the internet. Most are pretty much just a full-sized engine with a piece of glass glued to the top of it. Some call that awesome, we call it lazy. This design, though, is the classiest-styled permutation of an engine table that we’ve come across, inspired more from the days of hotrodding than the super sleekness of a modern V12 monster.

The hand-carved mahogany wood base and leather accents give this particular engine table a touch of the old Victorian flavor. In fact, if it weren’t for the subtly added vintage carburetor, brass knuckles and tattoo carvings, it’d be easy to imagine this table in your grandmother’s living room. This is assuming your grandmother is an illegal street racer. Be prepared to lay down around $2900 for this bad boy. Not too shabby when you discover its original price! Close-up after the jump.


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