Hippie Home Decor: Livinglass


If you’re a real Dead-head and you just so happen to be redecorating your home. Livinglass.com proposes a eco-friendly alternative to glass paneling decor. OK, so it’s not as eco-friendly as the trash recycler, but at least it isn’t hurting the environment. From the official site:

“Livinglass is the leading manufacturer of decorative transparent and translucent laminated glass panels, capturing an array of natural materials between sheets of real luminous glass. Livinglass is proud to offer ecologically responsible products which utilize recycled, recyclable and renewable resources.”

Well, it kind of hurts the environment, or plants. Shoving flowers in between panels of glass for means of preservation can’t be pleasant for the flower. The tree hugger inside of me asks you, how would you like to be preserved inside a panel of glass? How about being put in alkaline hydrolysis?

That’s what I thought.

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