Helicopters Can Fly Upside Down?

Chuck Aaron, the only FAA-certified helicopter stunt pilot in the US, is showing off his piloting skills at the AirVenture show in Oshkosh. The single-manned Martin Jetpack isn’t the only eye popping, sky soaring demonstration going on in Oshkosh. Chuck uses a Eurocopter BO-105 CBS 4 Twin engine helicopter with a fixed rotor kept in the positive pitch allowing it to do aerobatics. Check out the above video to see him do a wicked nose dive that’ll make your nose bleed just by watching.� I hope he’s got a Lifebag in the event of engine failure.

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  1. When I watched him LIVE, and he flipped backward over his tail, and started losing altitude, I thought he was crashing. It was amazing to watch!!!!

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