Audio-Technica ATH-ON3: Headphones that hide your lack of sense of fashion

audio-technica ath-on3

Just face it, wearing headphones with headbands is not the coolest thing to do; wearing DJ headphones with a 2-meter-chord can be annoying too; but there are reasons why we want headbands sometimes, to hold the large bowls together (when they’re large) and avoiding a third chord between the phones at 2 sides. Audio-technica has managed to get the best of both worlds and showed us a pair of reasonably fashionable ONTO headphones with a very narrow headband that might just hide in your hair. Whilst we won’t question the sound quality of these mid-line headphones just yet, we’ve already started to wonder just how (un)comfortable it is to wear them. Priced at $25, these marvellous headphones are on sale in Japan. — Sam Chan

ONTO ATH-ON3 [Audio-Technica]

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  1. these earphones are absolutely great. they dont exactly block out external sound like the in-ear earphones that audio-technica makes, but the sound from the earphones are pretty impressive for the price. Plus the band is hidden, so you dont look like a dork. I’d surely recommend these to a friend.

  2. I saw these in a store i Tokyo a couple of months ago and simply fell in love. They lookcute and cool and awesome.

    I bought 6 pairs… in different colours…

    I get comments all the time from people appreciating them and they also sound pretty damn well for their size!

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