Harman Kardon jumps on navigation bandwagon

harmon kardon guide + play gps-500

Harman Kardon is known for its excellent audio equipment, so when they came out with the Guide + Play GPS-500 navigation system, some people were surprised. They were not trying to go all out with this player; it�s about equal with many other GPS systems out on the market. It can play audio and video, has a 4GB SD card, and uses a 4� touch-screen monitor. Navigation features are also pretty similar, with a route simulator and multiple views (think 2D or 3D). Harman Kardon is planning at selling this beginning in March for around $500, but there is really no point in waiting for this particular one, considering there are many just like it out there. What�s a little confusing is why Harman Kardon decided to come out with the Guide + Play GPS-500. they are already very highly regarded in audio equipment, so it�s a mystery as to why they would come into a very competitive GPS market. I guess we�ll all find out come March whether or not this was a good idea. — Nick Rice

Harman finds its way into navigation [Crave]

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