We Hereby Proclaim that Today be Known as Labor Day!

In honor of all expectant mothers out there, we’ll be practicing a day of silence to celebrate the hours of hard work and intense pain than woman across the entire face of the planet are forced to experience during childbirth. We truly respect everything all of you mommies did for us on our day of birth, so much so that we have decided to dedicate a full day in your honor.

We hereby proclaim that the first Monday of every September from here on out will be known as Labor Day. We really think the idea will be a hit.

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  1. Please tell me this is a joke.

  2. A joke? The response has been overwhelming! Millions of businesses have closed their doors for Labor Day! Thousands of tweets on Twitter and Facebook. People are quite taken with the idea.

  3. LoL… I thought that mother’s day and people’s birthdays already had this kinda covered. But hey, thanks for getting us the day off!

  4. wow… that’s nice.

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